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Chiropractic Treatment, Low Back Pain
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Tired of being in pain? Looking to improve your posture? Wanting to enhance your performance, wellbeing and overall health? Let our expert Chiropractors at Stanmore Bay Chiropractic, help you!

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Stanmore Bay Chiropractor
Chiropractic Treatment

How We Can Help You

A Chiropractor specialises in treating the spine, as well as the body’s joints and muscles. This often helps with muscle/body aches and pains including low back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches or other musculoskeletal related issues.

Here at Stanmore Bay Chiropractic we love helping people of all ages to achieve their health goals, whether that's helping with pain relief, correcting underlying problems, improving posture, enhancing performance or assisting them to function at their best. 

Services We Provide

We provide premium chiropractic treatment at the fraction of the cost. We are here to serve those in Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Orewa, Silverdale, Millwater and surrounding suburbs. We are fully ACC registered and can submit ACC claims for you. No referral from your GP or other health professional is required. 

Initial Consultation

 Assessment and 1st Adjustment

At Stanmore Bay Chiropractic, We take a detailed history and then utilise specific tests to assess the spine or problematic area. This allows us to get to the cause or root of the problem (i.e. sciatica, low back pain, neck pain etc). We will provide Chiropractic treatment to the main area of focus on this visit.

Physical Therapist

Second Appointment: 

Report of findings and second adjustment

We will relay what we have found from the initial assessment and explain how we will tailor the chiropractic treatment to your situation. We will treat multiple areas of focus on this visit. We will provide advice related to rehab, exercise and overall health and wellbeing.

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Third Appointment & Subsequent Appointments: 

Treatment/Adjusting Visits

We provide you with specific chiropractic treatment that is tailored to you. This will include treating the focus area and also other areas of the spine or body that need treatment.

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Late Night Chiropractic

Open late every Wednesday Until 7:00pm

Located right next to New World Stanmore Bay, Inside Stanmore Bay Medical Centre. We are open late to allow you to get the treatment you need at a more convenient time for you

Health Insurance Made Easy

We now have Southern Cross Easy Claim set up in clinic and we are also NIB health providers. If you have health insurance with southern cross or NIB, some policies have Chiropractic treatment covered. Easy claim makes utilising your health insurance easy. Simply walk in and walk out, no payment required. 

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Our Location
Located just north of Auckland, Stanmore Bay Chiropractic is in a handy location right next door to New World and Unichem Pharmacy, inside Stanmore Bay Medical Centre.

It is easily accessible for all. Simply book online or over the phone and let us help you on your health journey. 

Clinic Hours

Wed: 10:00am-7:00pm

Sat: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

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Contact Us

Book Your Appointment at Stanmore Bay Chiropractic Online Today! At the convenient location next to New World and Unichem Pharmacy inside Stanmore Bay Medical Centre

Shop B1, 570 Whangaparaoa Road, Stanmore Bay. 

Here to provide quality Chiropractic treatment to all!


X-Ray Results
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