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Premium chiropractic care for the whole family at an affordable price. 

Book in today and let us help you on your health journey, whether you're suffering with back pain, neck pain or other aches and pains. Or if you're just wanting to feel, move and function better, we can help!

First Appointment:

History, Physical Assessment & First Adjustment



limited spaces available

Follow Up Appointments:

Regular Adjustment Visits

All ACC Visits: $35

Private (Adult): $60

Private (Child/Senior/Student): $50

Existing Patient New Presentation:

New Injury/Area Of Concern: 

ACC: $60

Non-ACC: $90

Book Now

Premium Full Body Session:

Deluxe head to toe treatment

Private: $189.99

ACC: $149.99

Home Visit/Call Out:

ACC: $129.99
Non ACC: $159.99

Fees: Price List
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